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Mcut Portal App(iMC)

Faculties, Staffs and Student can use Mcut Portal APP(iMC) to view school information and using the school system services.




Available iMC Services:

1. About:Introduction to School History and Features.

2. Environment Introduction:Introduction to information about the various buildings and their floors on campus, as well as the campus scenery.

3. Campus Announcements:Information regarding school announcements and activities.

4. Campus Directions:Provides directions for reaching the campus.

5. Ming Chi Publications:Electronic newsletters periodically released by the school.

6. Information System:Provide faculty, staff, and students with access to functions of the school’s internal information system (such as viewing personal class schedules, attendance records, and grades)

7. Mail:Manage school emails, including both sent and received emails.

8. Bulletin:Access and view internal announcements.

9. Drive:Access personal or shared network drives for faculty, staff, and students.

10. Calendar:Set personal calendars and view school-wide event schedules.

11. Task:View surveys and event notifications from various departments.

12. Forum:Participate in and contribute to discussion forum posts.

13. Questionnaire:Quickly register for or complete surveys and activities organized by different units for faculty, staff, and students.

14. QR Scan:Check-in swiftly during activities or meetings for faculty, staff, and students.

15. Lottery:Provides faculty, staff, and students the ability to view the activities they have participated in using QR code scans, as well as the records of activity raffles.


 Before Install :

Country settings may need to be changed before installation as follows:

1. iOS user:Change your Apple ID country or region (Link)

2. Android user:Change your Google Play country (Link)

 Install Mcut Portal App (iMC):

1. iOS user:On iPad or iPhone , you can click "App Store" and you can enter a keyword [mcut] to select, then Install Mcut Portal App.

2. Android user:On Android mobile devices, you can click "Google play" and you can enter a keyword [mcut] to select, then Install Mcut Portal App.


Android (Google play)

iOS (App store)

Install QRcode



Install Link