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Campus legally authorized software list

publish date : 2018-09-27 update date : 2018-09-27

Teaching and administrative authorization (For Staff teaching or administrative use)

  • MS Visual Studio: teaching and administrative area authorization
  • Adobe CS3 Web Premium Concurrent: 100 sets of authorization
  • Powercam: 100 sets of authorization
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional Concurrent: 100 sets of authorization

School Authorization (For all staff and students)

  • Microsoft operating system upgrade version (Windows XP Profession, Vista, 7, 8, 10…etc.): Teaching administrative region ,student authorization (for an operating system in a random version upgrade)
  • Microsoft Office (MS Office 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016…etc.): Teaching administrative region ,student authorization
  • McAfee VirusScan Enterprise anti-virus software: school authorization
  • Matlab: school authorization
  • CourseMaster: school authorization
  • Boshiamy input 7.0: school authorization
  • going 9.0: school authorization
  • Dr.eye 9.0 Authorization Ultimate
  • 華康字型 open type 127 for win
  • 華康金蝶333國際通用版
  • 華康金蝶2010旗艦版
  • ideas gallery
    1. Vector Illustrations 100 Images(ai_cdr_jpeg)
    2. Vector Illustrations_ totem element vector fashion illustration X
    3. Vector Illustrations_ vector creative brush-shaped X DESIGN
    4. Vector Illustrations_ vector illustration X happiness Seasons mood
    5. Vector Illustrations_ happiness vector illustration X campus _ Family
    6. Vector Illustrations_ marshmallow illustration floral series X Fashion People&
    7. PSD+Illustrations_ fashion flower illustration X to be delicate single flower
    8. PSD+Illustrations_ fashion flower illustration X to be delicate flower box
    9. Concept high-resolution image gallery series 1_38 Series
    10. NPSDesign
    11. Psd+Source

procurement software

professional faculties have their own procurement software, authorized by the manufacturer meet the requirements for use of

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