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Campus network

To support the administration, academics, and research needs of faculty, staff, and students on campus, our school provides network services including wired and wireless connections.
Please adhere to the relevant regulations when using the network.
When using the campus network of our school, please make sure to adhere to the relevant regulations.
Campus Network Maintenance Notice
Provide Student Dormitory Network Configuration and IP Allocation Table
Provide Faculty and Staff Dormitory Network Configuration and IP Allocation Table
Provide Information Regarding Academic and Administrative Area Network
Setting up servers and applying for a Ming Chi Domain Name should be done in accordance with the regulations.
If there is a need to connect to foreign websites, setting up a proxy server is recommended to improve access speed and transmission quality.
Inquire about traffic usage and records of exceeding quotas.
Students and faculty/staff members can connect to the campus network from home, during business trips, or abroad, and obtain a Ming Chi IP.
Network Block List Inquiry and Unblock Instructions
Free access to Ming Chi Wi-Fi is available for students, faculty/staff, visitors, and TANet users on campus.
Students and faculty/staff can also enjoy free Wi-Fi access at other TANet-affiliated schools, institutions, and foundations.