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How can I return, renew or request books?

publish date : 2018-11-15 update date : 2019-03-12
  1. User can find an item on the shelf.
  2. Take an ID card with items and go to the counter to borrow them.
  3. If you have been unable to find an item on the shelf, Please go to the counter and fill the form. Library staff will search for the item and notify you of the result by e-mail. Please users must leave your e-mail address and valid phone number. MCUT library will keep the item for you for 1 week.
  4. User can renew an item online or on the counter once. But multimedia CD-ROMs and DVDs cannot renew the loan periods.
  5. User can request items online. And MCUT library will notify you of the items by e-mail. And keep them for you for 1 week.  
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