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E-mail FAQ

publish date : 2018-11-15 update date : 2020-08-24

I'm a freshman, how do I apply for my e-mail account?


For a freshman, the Computer Center will handle for you , no need individual applications.

What are the students’ e-mail account and password?



Account: Student ID (For example: J91123456)



Password: ID number (default)



Student mail host: mail2.mcut.edu.tw

What is the capacity of students’ e-mail?


We offer the capacity of 100M for every student.

For the new staff, how to apply for Note ID and Mail mailbox?


The Personnel Office will release the password of the campus portal. After logging in the campus portal, please click Applications -> 校內帳號申請 -> Select the type of account you wish and send out (for the blank column of the e-mail, please fill in the account number) , as shown below.


What is the capacity for staff e-mail?


Currently we offer the capacity of 5G for every staff.

What is the capacity for staff Notes e-mail?


Currently we provide the capacity with the maximum of 50MB for each staff.

When we send e-mails by Outlook, is there any capacity limitation for the attachments?


The maximum of the capacity is 10MB only.


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