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【Social Media】School-level Facebook fan page (Ming Chi FB)

publish date : 2023-03-17 update date : 2024-04-25

Basic Information for School-Level Facebook (FB)

The Library and Information Services is responsible for the management of the school-level Facebook, including:

  1. Permission control
  2. Community management promotion
  3. Account setup for each unit's execution window (editor)
  4. Posting FB posts
  5. Sharing posts (please tag the school-level FB in unit FB posts)
  6. Other duties

The maintenance of information on the school homepage, school-level FB, school-level IG, and school-level YouTube is handled by the Information Services Department.
For inquiries related to business matters or information, please contact the respective units throughout the school. It is recommended to contact the units' business windows directly by phone or email.

Contact Person: Ya-Ting Chou

Organizer: Library
Contact Person: 周雅婷 Ya-Ting Chou
Phone: 02-2908-9899
Extension: 2284
Click Num: