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【Website】Ming Chi University of Technology - Homepage

publish date : 2023-09-18 update date : 2023-11-28

Basic Information:

Office of Library and Information Services is responsible for managing the university homepage, including:

  • Website planning
  • Information maintenance
  • Publishing business information requested by each unit on the school homepage.
  • Posting news about Ming Chi
  • Web platform operation
  • Other tasks

※For "system server problems, network connection issues, and account login problems," please contact the Computer Center counter at 02-2908-9899, extension 2270. Computer Center E-mail:cc@mail.mcut.edu.tw 

※To "apply to update or place information from various units on the university homepage," please fill out the NOTES Webpage Update Application Form. For questions about specifications, please contact the library contact person.

Suggestions for improvement and enhancement are welcome via phone or email.

Contact person: Ya-Ting Chou


Organizer: Library
Contact Person: 周雅婷 Ya-Ting Chou
Phone: 02-2908-9899
Extension: 2284
Click Num: