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Interlibrary Loan Service

When you need a thesis, a research report or a book which is not in MCUT Library Collection, you may apply online for copying the document or borrowing the material from the other units via inter-library cooperation. You may also borrow the books directly in the cooperating library after you process an exchange library card in our MCUT library.

The exchange library cards are available for the following cooperating universities : National Taiwan University、Chang Gung University、Chang Gung University of Science and Technology、USTPCtle Lib。

Nationwide Document Delivery Service (NDDS):

1. Apply for Account: Readers must apply for an account with Nationwide Document Delivery Service (NDDS) before first time use, and can use the service after receiving an approval     notification via e-mail from the librarian.

2. Please key in your account number and password to log into the system and click “submit” for applying to copy or borrow material in a domestic library or overseas library.

    A. The payment is be different from each individual library; please refer to the detailed payment window that will pop up while confirming the application. You can also refer to the“Library Loan Price List” under the “Library Info” on the website.

    B. Some units are not available for book loan service; please refer to the “Library Loan Price List” under the “Library Info” on the website. Overseas book loan service is not available now.

3. The required material will be sent to the library first, and the library will inform the applicants to retrieve and pay for the material by e-mail after receiving the material. 

Journal Article Delivery Express Papers



Conference papers and research reports

1. Domestic Proceedings

2. Foreign Proceedings

3. Research grants NSC reports


1. Domestic Dissertation

2. United States and Canada Thesis:Digital Dissertation ConsortiumProQuest Dissertations and Theses (PQDT) 


If you need to query foreign patents , you can query the database to the national patent offices , and may refer to the relevant website of the Ministry of Economy Intellectual Property Office links .

Journal Union Catalog

You can use " National Document Delivery System" to apply to the other library to photocopy journal articles to you.

Library Union Catalog

1. NBINet

2. REAL+

3. Met@Cat