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Dormitory Network

MCUT has been providing the best quality of networks at dormitory. We hope that all users can comply with the rules and regulations of network use. At present we have network equipment installed in the international student dormitory, student dormitory 1 to 6, Jing-Shiue student dormitory and Scholars Hall.

 Mechanism for Control of the Flow Volume of Dormitory Networks.

All users of the dormitory networks will have their flow quota controlled.

1. Every IP owner is allowed to upload and download to 6GB with fast speed daily.

2. Any IP owner who exceeds this amount, the transmission rate will be limited to 256/512 Kbps.

3. To ensure that most students will have a smooth internet transmission, every IP owner can't use P2P application. If you need to use P2P application, please refer to the regulation of campus network.

4. Every morning at 6 a.m. the flow quota will be recalculated.