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Digital Signage

Digital Signage
Digital Signage

Digital Signage Introduction

  1. Digital Signage build on the Department of faculties, lecture hall entrances and outside personnel, Objective information so the school can deliver multi-faceted, and achieve a variety of awards, outreach, activities results published message transfer
  2. Sign up for digital signage, please fill out the application form to NOTES and according to the specified format to upload to the specified folder

Digital Signage Locations

  • Educational Building: 1Fx1, 3Fx1
  • Library and Information Building: 1Fx1, 4Fx1
  • General Building: 2Fx2
  • Gymnasium: B1x1
  • Electronic Engineering Building: 1Fx1
  • Mechanical Engineering Building: 1Fx1
  • Electrical Engineering Building: 1Fx1
  • Chemical Engineering Building: 2Fx1
  • Innovation Building: 1Fx1, 2Fx2, 5Fx1, 6Fx1, 7Fx2