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The United States and Canada-

  1. PQDD (ProQuest Digital Dissertations): Collection of theses and dissertations in the US and Canada dating back to 1861. Only catalog searches and abstracts are provided. Full-text papers must be purchased. Some theses and dissertations allow previews of 24 pages.
  2. Digital Dissertation Consortium: A PQDD collection of digital dissertations (abstracts and full-text papers) from more than 60 institutes of higher education and published by Proquest Company.


  1. National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations in Taiwan: You may download theses/dissertations that have been authorized.
  2. Universities and information centers in Taiwan have established search catalogs for theses and dissertations independent of their library catalogs. Abstracts and papers in their entirety may be downloaded.
  3. Ex: The E-Thesys Dissertation System of National Cheng Kung University, and National Taiwan Normal University Electronic Theses & Dissertations.