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Domain Name Service(DNS)

About DNS

.The full name of the Domain Name System, referred to as the DNS, it is a core service Internet as the domain name and IP address mapping each other, do not have to remember the IP address of the host.

.Example: Staff Web host its IP is, the full name of web.mcut.edu.tw, IP address or the full names are mapped to the host faculty Web users want to use the service machine, just remember the full name, without having to remember IP addresses.

.For more information please refer to DNS Link


DNS Application Procedures

Article 1, Purpose

Use according to school campus network for the establishment of school management and use of the domain name, in order to facilitate links Internet, Office of library and information services (hereinafter referred to as the Department) set special "Campus domain name management approach" (hereinafter referred to as the Measures ).

Article 2, Applicable

Teaching and administrative units and opening up the server.

Article 3, the implementation of the main points

First, For each unit set up servo host, there must be the person responsible for maintenance and operation. New establishment, change or cancel a server, you need fill out the application form (Annex I), to the Department to apply for Network Management Section , after approval of the review before they can be used.

Second, each unit bears the host network services provided by a servo unit within its supervisory accountability.

Third, The server managers should pay attention to the legality of the content and file servers provide, without obscene, offensive and commercial INFORMATION.

Fourth, Service the various services provided by the system, such as a web browser or download the software, controversial content, it is recommended to enter the system to inform the user of the home declared.

Fifth, Website administrator shall fix the website Privacy Policy, through a unit in charge of the paper under the rear of the sign-off, sending the Department Network Management Section review. After review by the announcement on the site, which fixes are made.

Sixth, provide the file transfer server (such as FTP, Web) per unit, should pay attention to the legitimacy of its share of the archives. If the legitimate sharing software provided by the manufacturer or by the copyright owner, you should indicate the name of the vendor or the copyright owner's authorization and related information.

Seven,TANET to provide schools and academic research units of use, within the campus network can not provide commercial Internet services, also offers a free non commercial nature of web services (including e-mail servers, Web servo devices and other types of servers, etc.).

Eight, To implement management, if the server wants to stop using, please fill in (Annex I) cancel the domain name.

Nine, Violation school campus network by using the specification (including the Ministry of Education to report suspected violations of intellectual property rights of the letter), the web server interfere with the normal operation of the (such as fishing behavior, external attacks, spam junk mail, etc.), the department to follow the plot Availability cancel the domain name of the server.

Ten, Each units of the server because of mismanagement and violation of the provisions were, according to the university campus network using the specification process.

Article 4, Annex

This approach should matters not handled in accordance with the relevant provisions of the school.


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